General Surgery

Miracle Formulations-A portfolio of over 10,000 different products, including surgical knives, hooks, curettes, scoops, scissors, dressing and tissue forceps, probes, suction tips, trocars, haemostatic forceps, needle holders, towel clamps, polypus, tissue, organ, sponge, and sterilising forceps, gags, speculums, spreaders, contractors and retractors, dilators, rongeurs, punch, clamps, rasp and saws.

Mircle Formulations guarantees a wide range of high-quality instruments To us, ‘quality’ means that our customers can always rely on the safety, durability, and performance of MF surgical offerings. MF strives to meet or exceed surgical practitioners’ expectations by maintaining the highest production standards in ergonomics, materials, and hygiene.

Miracle Formulations™ strives to provide its valued customers with a One-Stop-Shop solution for all high quality surgical instrument needs.

Miracle formulations™ provides a diverse range of hand-held, stainless steel, tungsten carbide coated, and titanium-based General and Specialized Surgical Instrumentation.

On the basis of their function to achieve a specific surgical outcome, the Miracle Formulations™ range of General Surgical Instrumentation can be broadly classified into the following classes-

  • Instruments for cutting
  • Instrument Grasping and Holding
  • Forceps for hemostasis
  • Contractors, Retractors, and Spreaders
  • Accessories

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